Pregnancy in Berlin: Mitte, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Neukölln | Midwife Juliane Schneider

Before birth I offer the usual pregnancy screenings and counselling for Pregnancy Complains. The Screenings are the ones that will be noted in your Mutterpass. For a healthy person with a healthy child hey can either be done by a midwife or a gynaecologist.

Pregnancy care in Berlin

Doing a pregnancy screening I check the development of the baby, it´s position, it´s heratbeat, but also maternal bloodpressure, Urine and weight. All of this happens according to the guidlines, everything will be documented in the Mutterpass. Because I take as much time as needed for those appointments you will have the opportunity to ask all the questions that you want to ask and to get support with physical and psychological issues. If necessary I will advise you on where to find further medical help. For sudden problems or complains I am usually available via phone or we can do an appointment on short notice if necessary.