"Birth is not only about making babies.
Birth is also about making mothers – strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength"

Barbara Katz Rothmann

It is a pleasure for me to accompany you on this way – throughout the pregnancy, if you wish at a homebirth, during the first months with your child...

Midwife Juliane Schneider, Berlin

Emapthic accompaniment, evidence based advice and knowledge about traditional healing-methods build the foundation of my work. My goal is to empower and support you in all aspects of your parenthood.



Juliane Schneider

The plan to become a midwife overcame me very spontaneous while I was having a random conversation with a nurse – since that day this goal was always very clear to me. For me, just as it is for many of my colleagues, being a midwife is not just a job but a calling – one that I follow with great passion and enthusiasm.

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I'm providing all my servies in following languages: english, spanish, french, italian or afrikaans.

Before birth


Before birth I offer the usual pregnancy screenings and counselling for Pregnancy Complains. The Screenings are the ones that will be noted in your Mutterpass. For a healthy person with a healthy child hey can either be done by a midwife or a gynaecologist.

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During birth


During labour I accompany you at home, in case you are planning to have a homebirth. If you´d like to we can discuss the option of having a homebirth and I can give you information about everything if the idea is maybe still quite new to you.

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After birth


After the birth I can come daily to your home and accompany you during the first time of the “Fourth trimester”, to make you feel safe starting life with your baby. After the early post-partum period I come less frequent, until at some point you don´t need a midwife anymore.

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Helping offers

Stillborn babies

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Helping offers

Menstruational cycle consultation

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Birth Preparation

Birth Preparation Class

I offer birth preparation classes frequently. My main focus is on giving you the information to empower you having a self-determined positive birthing experience, no matter what birth will exactly turn out to be like for you.

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Next Class:

Birth Preparation Class in English

7. + 8. December at "Forum für Gesundheit", Neukölln
both days from 10.00 to 17.30.

(the class spans both days)

Please register via eMail kontakt@hebamme-jule.de

Participation only after prior registration