Postpartum in Berlin: Mitte, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Neukölln | Midwife Juliane Schneider

After the birth I can come daily to your home and accompany you during the first time of the “Fourth trimester”. After the early post-partum period I come less frequent, until at some point you don´t need a midwife anymore.

Postpartum care and Lactation Consultation for mothers, newborns and their families

The Postpartum period is a very special phase of re-adaption: The baby is new on this world, you are somebody new in your role as a parent and so many things can be changing all over sudden. During this time I will accompany you, if necessary very frequent (up to two times a day) to support you getting smooth through all those changes. I give advise on breastfeeding, I monitor the development of the child and I make sure that your body is recovering. You have the right to see a midwife until you stop breastfeeding, or until the baby is one year old.