Juliane Schneider


Midwife in Berlin: Mitte, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Neukölln | Juliane Schneider

The plan to become a midwife overcame me very spontaneous while I was having a random conversation with a nurse – since that day this goal was always very clear to me.
For me, just as it is for many of my colleagues, being a midwife is not just a job but a calling – one that I follow with great passion and enthusiasm.

My work and my perspective on it is very much based on scientific evidence, but also traditional knowledge that was passed on for generations.
I finished my training as a midwife in 2018 and got my Bachelor Degree in Midwifery in 2019.
My scientific passion, besides the “real” midwifery stuff is feminist theory, sexuality and theories about Empowerment. Most likely those interests have also been shaped by the B.A. Degree I did in Area Studies Africa/Asia before I started my career as a midwife.

In Midwifery a calm and relaxed approach is very important in my opinion: I am always motivated to empower you and support nature to unfold itself, in order to obtain physiology. My knowledge also enables me to see when things are going a different way, and to act accordingly. My priority is always to support you with all the choices that you make.

Besides being a midwife I love doing yoga, to cook and to eat, to read and to spend time in nature or travelling the world.